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Meet Our Team

Ian Park – Content Writing Expert

With 15 years of experience in shaping compelling narratives, Ian Park is a content writing expert renowned for his engaging storytelling. Having honed his skills at the New York Times, Ian’s expertise lies in crafting stories that resonate with diverse audiences, making him a distinguished voice in the world of content creation.

Grace Evans – News Writer (Technology)

Grace Evans is a talented news writer specializing in covering the latest trends in the dynamic world of technology. Her passion for tech innovation and in-depth knowledge of the industry, combined with her engaging writing style, allows her to deliver captivating and informative stories to readers, positioning her as a valuable contributor to the Unicorn Standard team.

Mason Cooper – Senior News Writer (Business & Finance)

Mason Cooper is a senior news writer specializing in business and finance at Unicorn Standard. With a keen eye for market trends and a talent for translating complex economic analyses into engaging narratives, Mason provides insightful and comprehensive coverage to readers, establishing himself as a trusted voice in business journalism.

Alex Gray – Content Writer

Alex Gray, a Stanford University graduate, brings a fresh perspective to content writing with his innovative approach. Known for his engaging style and ability to captivate readers, Alex’s academic background enriches his content, making him a sought-after writer for those seeking depth and flair in their reading experience.

Wyatt Harris – Entertainment News Writer (Cinema Critic)

Wyatt Harris is a multifaceted entertainment news writer at Unicorn Standard, known for his expertise in cinema critique and movie reviews. With a discerning eye for detail and a passion for the silver screen, Wyatt delivers thought-provoking insights and engaging content to readers, solidifying his reputation as a reputable cinema critic within the team.

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